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Industrial interiors – what’s there

Industrial interiors and modern design

There’s plenty of possible ways to arrange your home interiors and spaces. Home interiors designers and architects can point you in variety of directions. You can choose from modern styles with their emphasis on simplicity, minimalism and functionality such as industrial or Scandinavian styles. You can also focus on more traditional aspects of home design and set on something warmer and more welcoming like farmhouse style, cottage furniture or some of traditional Italian interiors. No matter your choice, one thing is certain, industrial interiors can blend in with all the above mentioned styles, both modern as well as traditional. Therefore, if you’re not sure where your tastes lie choose industrial interiors.

What exactly are such interiors and what makes them so special and coordinating with other styles? First of all, let’s focus on general characteristic of industrial interiors and then let’s go into details. Industrial interiors are known for their utilitarian aspect, high functionality, and air of raw structure and at first sight harsh décor. All these features are achieved through multiplicity of details as well as through the general impression such interiors make. After all, such interiors are spacious, have high ceilings, huge windows and are made from natural rooms’ construction elements like beams, pillars or pipes. After all, the name doesn’t come from nowhere, very often such interiors were originally industrial spaces and where at some point turned into living areas or homes. What does such interiors look in detail?

Industrial interiors and furniture

Industrial interiors and their power lies mostly in details. Details such as the following: exposed functional aspects, emphasis on strictly functional elements, neutral tones and colours that easily blend into the background, exposed metal elements, weathered wood and many others make industrial interiors truly powerful. These are just a few typical elements of industrial interiors. They all focus on practical elements of things therefore tables or chairs or lamps have their innards fully exposed to show their functions. Moreover, they all come in completely natural colours such as browns, beiges, whites or blacks. These palette of colours makes them work perfectly with modern home design as well as with farmhouse or cottage style.

Depending on where you put the emphasis industrial interiors can appear warm and welcoming (if you focus on wood and wooden elements) or sterile and cold (if you focus on metallic elements.) Therefore, there’s a lot of fun when arranging your industrial interior and plenty of elements to paly with.



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