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Mineral render price – how much does rendering cost?

Mineral plaster is a material that is impossible not to use when building a house. It is used for making elevations and finishing one-layer walls. Check what mineral render price you’ll have to pay!

What is mineral plaster?

When deciding on the thermal insulation of a building one of the most important decisions we have to make is the choice of the right kind of plaster. Currently, the most popular are thin-layer plasters, among which the most popular are mineral plasters. Mineral plasters have in their composition lime and cement binder and mineral components with different properties. These may be, for example, limestone, marble, quartz, perlite, and others. Their admixtures in the right proportions guarantee the mortar’s surface cohesiveness and ensure that the plaster will exhibit a range of properties necessary for your surface. What properties?

Characteristics about mineral plaster

Compared to other types of facade finishes, mineral render is distinguished by exceptional durability which does not diminish even after a lapse of time. Firstly it is due to the reaction of the plaster which is highly alkaline (pH ca. 12), which protects it against algae, fungi, and moulds. Secondly, mineral plaster is resistant to atmospheric precipitations, and it lets water vapor through well – it means that walls can breathe because no moisture will gather there. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that it is characterized by high tightness which makes it resistant to freezing. A disadvantage of mineral render is a smaller number of available colors, but in return, it can be painted with special vapor-permeable facade paints.


  • good vapor-permeability
  • less time binding
  • durability
  • resistance to mechanical damage and deformation
  • low water absorption
  • low price


  • impermanence of color
  • availability in white color
  • easy to contaminate (must be painted with facade paint)
  • necessity to follow the proportions given by the manufacturer
  • low flexibility

Mineral render price

Mineral render price may vary depending on the parameters, type of plaster, and manufacturer. How much is enough? When choosing mineral plaster, it’s also worth deciding what texture you want to get. Stippled texture creates a uniform, smooth surface which is easier to keep clean. Rilled texture, on the other hand, after plastering has characteristic grooves which unfortunately gather dirt easily and create unaesthetic damp patches. Therefore it is worth choosing it in places that are less exposed to dirt.

  • stippled mineral plaster price – from £7.5 per 25 kg;
  • rilled mineral plaster price – from £10 per 25 kg.

While estimating costs that mineral plaster generates you should also think about how high will be the price of painting the elevation using facade paint and labor. The labor cost is calculated per square meter and will cost around £50-70 per square meter.




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