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Where to get the best Kitchen worktops Manchester (Granite worktops Manchester & Quartz worktops Manchester)

Getting the right quartz, ceramic or granite worktops provider in Manchester can be a tricky task. Greater Manchester itself has upwards of 30 kitchen worktop companies dealing with stone worktops alone. There’s likely 100+ if we consider corian worktops, laminate worktops or wood worktops. Therefore clearly, the choice is plenty.kitchen island in Manchester from white Marble quartz

Please be aware, before you read any further, that in this article we will discuss only natural stone worktops and man-made, synthetic stone tops in the form of granite, ceramic and quartz.

Back to the point at hand – how can we ensure we choose the right granite kitchen worktops provider? How can we be sure we will get the quality materials or the service we truly desire?

Below we provide our tips and suggest the one company that ticks all the boxes. Happy reading!

Before choosing the right company, ask yourself: quartz, granite or ceramic? Which is your favourite choice?

Benefits of Quartz worktops

Quartz countertops have recently enjoyed great popularity in our kitchens. Their elegant appearance, hygiene, modern style, ease of installation and seamless connections are just some of the advantages of the quartz worktop solution. But what specifics should you know about quartz countertops? Will it be a better choice than a natural stone countertop?

The advantage of man made, engineered input

A conglomerate material is composed of ground stone or minerals (e.g. marble, granite) bonded with polyester resin and vast other pigments and additives.Cooking on a quartz worktop marble look

Virtually any pigment can be added to the resin, which allows for a wide range of colours.

Various additives such as glitter or crushed glass can also be added. The marble look of synthetically drawn veins and compositions can also be manipulated thanks to vast pre-production designs.

Quartz worktops Manchester can come in a matte or gloss texture, meanwhile sintered-stone, or ceramic, comes in an even greater variety of finish.

So because the slabs are designed from scratch, this allows for incredible freedom & extraordinary variety – we can make the quartz kitchen worktops dark, light, shimmering with a thousand colours or in a completely homogenous design. This is a dream material for almost all interior decorators.

Benefits of Granite worktops

Granite is the classy, unfailing and ever stunning material suitable for kitchen worktops in any environment, whether it be modern or traditional. Indeed, their popularity has decreased over the last decade or so due to quartz’s renown, however it still remains a prestigious, reliable highest quality natural stone product.

The mesmerising unpredictability and an organic feel

The natural element of granite is something that cannot be replicated by other equivalents. The amalgam of fused minerals, the knowledge that a malt magma once cooled down to shape these durable kitchen worktops.chopping food on cream granite worktops in manchester

Granite tops are always unique in their own way, and just like a snowflake, not one worktop will be identical to the other.

An organic theme can be a stunning addition to your home. If you seek granite worktops in Manchester, you will not be disappointed as granite offers something stylish, contemporary but edgy at once.

Just as now, the trend goes to combine wood and timber with industrial themes of concrete, the same goes for modern cabinets and granite.

What to look for in a Manchester stone supplier to guarantee a satisfying, 5-star service?

Dealing with best possible materials

A ceramic, granite, quartz manufacturer should offer only the highest quality products from reliable slab suppliers. Even before entering the showroom, you should inspect their website and the brands they cooperate with. The likes of Levantina, Compac, Silestone, B-Stone, Neolith, Dekton or Fugen are some of the few companies that deal with high quality, trusted and reliable materials for granite and quartz worktops.

Investigating some online reviews

Read Online Reviews – an not just the website testimonials. Ensure you go through Yell or Google reviews prior to contacting such company. Any company with 20+ positive overall 4/5 star rating reviews is worthy of contacting. Make sure you read into the installation process, worktop prices, customer satisfaction,

Get some feedback from forums & blogs

If you don’t know a person that has previously cooperated with the given company, to glean some feedback, feel free to read more forums and blogs like ours that execute the background research and try and help you out.

Contact them directly – get a feel for the general vibe

Call them up and speak to the people at reception. If they are kind, willing to cooperate and are generally quite friendly & inviting, it’s always a good sign to pay them a visit. This could be a first step to finding your ceramic, granite, quartz worktops in Manchester.

Their showroom should really stand out

The showroom itself is a big factor when it comes to granite, quartz or ceramic worktop choice. A company should give you as much choice as possible, so seeing less than 50 samples in a showroom is instantly a red flag.

The range should be broad, while the brands expansive. If a manufacturer is pushing for one or two brands only, it usually means they have a special deal sorted with the supplier, not necessarily benefiting you, the customer. For your new kitchen worktops project, you should have the freedom to explore the showroom and browse through the sample range, gauging which brands have the most appealing colours.Kitchen worktop in Manchester with coffee machine

Secondly, the showroom itself needs to present itself. Do they have granite kitchen worktops or quartz worktops on display? An island, stone panelling? A windowsill? Something other than samples is always a bonus. When the place is clean and nicely finished + decorated, it’s yet another indication that the business might be a reliable service provider.

Regarding free samples…

Free samples of either granite or quartz are a rarity nowadays. But it’s always good if a company offers to borrow a sample for a defined deposit. Granted, slab suppliers often give out 1 or max 2 sample exemplars to manufacturers, therefore they can be restrictive about giving the samples away. But if they do, it’s always a bonus.

Decent kitchen worktop prices

When you bring your kitchen plans to the showroom and present your kitchen design, you should receive a free quote from the manufacturer, offering the best price for your worktops project. You can determine what constitutes ‘best’ by exploring various options or doing more online research. A thorough quote breakdown is always a good sign.

Which Manchester worktops supplier checks out the aforementioned criteria?

The worktops provider we have thoroughly researched and can vouch for, is Polish Granite LTD.

They are based in Salford, Manchester. Therefore they are centralised when it comes to Greater Manchester and available for all customers Monday to Saturday pre-defined opening hours. They’ve been on the market for over 16 years, which is enough to say that a family-based company is doing something right. As of today, they are leading worktop manufacturers & specialists in England.

Their renown spans across the entire UK, as they deliver across the nation. We provide a link for more insight regarding their Granite worktops Manchester & Quartz worktops manchester service here. To learn more about their kitchen worktops Manchester endeavours, we highly suggest you visit their website, where they thoroughly explain who they are and what they supply.

What’s most important is that their reviews and customer feedback is genuine and highly positive.

Some of the Online feedback for the company in question:

  • “helpful getting down to a shortlist within my budget”
  • “massive selection of materials; quality of workmanship is great”
  • “from start to finish the level of service has been outstanding”
  • “everything from the service, range of styles, efficiency, warm welcome and price was great”
We also relied on first hand experience

A good friend of the blog has in fact used Polish Granite’s services and he completely vouches for the company and the feedback left behind on their reviews page.White modern ceramic worktops Manchester

He said that he hasn’t seen such level of craft, high standard of work ethos, immaculate execution and incredible masonry knowledge since he dealt with professional architects during his Leicester University days.

We were told that right at the start he was treated in the office/showroom with respect and stress free level of understanding. Plus the worktops were installed quickly and flawlessly. And the final cost for his project was very reasonable, while the standard of supplied, durable quartz worktops exceeded his expectations.

He does, however, want to remark that they only deal with granite worktops, quartz worktops and ceramic worktops. Wood worktops, corian worktops or laminate worktops are not products within their domain. This wasn’t an issue, since he was looking for granite, quartz or ceramic worktops in Manchester regardless. However, it’s vital for us to point out that their product range is limited.

So, all in all, we highly recommend!

Feel free to get in touch with them and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Unless you have other suggestions, then please comment below your suggested company!


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