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Bespoke bedrooms – design your kingdom

Why bedroom

Bedroom is a very important place in our houses and flats. On the one hand, it’s the very centre of our comfort zone, and on the other it’s very often the place where we work (think of lying on your bed with laptop and browsing your emails.) Therefore, for both these reasons bathroom should be comfortably furnished and organised. It’s simply not enough to have a comfortable bed and a bedside table with a lamp. In order to be able to fully relax and possibly work your bedroom needs to be divided into separate areas dedicated to work and rest. The best solution are bespoke bedrooms which are fully customised and designed in such a way as to meet all your needs.

Bespoke bedrooms are tailored to your individual needs and completely customised. It sounds great, but what does it mean in practice? It’s easy – bespoke bedrooms are simply made to meet your needs. Wardrobes are made to fit the available space ideally and store all your necessary clothes and boxes. Bedside tables are made in a similar way and finally your bed consists of comfortable mattress (the best choices are hand-made mattresses from Italian craftsmen). All these things combined reflect your life and  preferences. In a nutshell, bespoke bedrooms are made for you and with one goal – they’re there to make your life better and easier.

Bespoke bedrooms – what’s out there

What’s interesting, bespoke bedrooms aim to make your life better. Still, in order to fully use their possibilities it’s best to know your needs first. Therefore, to be fully aware of your needs you need to ask yourself the following questions such as: why do you need bespoke bedroom, what’s the main reason for having one, what should be the central part of your bespoke bedroom (a bed, but maybe a sofa) and should your bedroom be divided into separate areas for rest and for work? Only when answering these questions you can  be sure to actually know your needs and then be able to fulfil them.

What’s interesting, sofas can be very important parts of bespoke bedrooms. Although, they don’t seem obvious it’s very often the case. It’s because sofas can serve as resting points and working zones at the same time. Comfortable sofa recliners can allow you to work and rest comfortably at the same time. What’s more, sofa combined with a recliner is very space-efficient and therefore, your bespoke bedroom doesn’t accommodate much space but doesn’t look cluttered as well. After all, your main aim is to be able to rest, work and move around with ease.



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