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Supple leather – perfect sofa

Why leather

skóraThere’s plenty of materials and fabrics that you can choose when buying sofas. Generally, they all can be divided into two basic categories. These are: natural and genuine materials and artificial and faux. In case of genuine materials there’s a lot of possibilities, for example you can choose from supple leather, fabrics like cord chenille or suede. In case of artificial materials your choice is quite similar. It’s not really surprising, after all artificial materials mimic the natural ones and are called similarly, therefore you have faux suede or artificial leather. Faux materials are made in such a way as to resemble the genuine ones, look as similar as possible and have similar qualities, sometimes even better.

Leather is a particularly interesting material. In case of natural leather it is characterised by being supple and flexible, durable and easy to wash. It also has this genuine leather look which can’t be easily imitated. The air of timeless elegance and beauty can’t be actually imitated by artificial leather. This is some kind of undefined genuine leather quality, which is especially visible in case of supple leather sofas that are hand-crafted and made with great attention to details.

Of course, it’s possible to have supple leather that’s not genuine. Still, this one undefined element is tricky to be captured and actually copied. Yet the look can be achieved, although not to the full and only partially. However, in case of artificial leather it’s not really important. Supple leather isn’t as valued here as is product’s durability and low maintenance. Artificial leather is known for its enhances qualities connected with durability, easiness to wash and maintenance. In contrast to genuine supple leather, artificial material is much easier to wash or clean and less prone to any damage.

Supple leather in your room

Supple leather material can be of course made into variety of practical things. You can choose from leather sofas, chairs and smaller decorative elements of furniture. When choosing supple leather as your main material for furniture you should be really careful when deciding on genuine or artificial leather. Your choice should mainly depend on practicalities and usability. You should always ask yourself, what is it that you want to do with your sofas? Just rest after long day at work or maybe use as a sofa bed for sleeping as well? If it’s sleeping you have in mind it’s better to choose fabric sofas than leather ones.

Then, you should also take into account your lifestyle. Do you have a family and small kids that tend to be everywhere at the same time and generally play with things? In such a case it’s better to choose artificial leather that’s more durable and easier to wash.



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